Why Video Should be Your #1 Marketing Strategy in 2018

If content is king, then video content is king of kings.

why video should be your #1 marketing strategy

In case you weren’t aware, recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would go through a major algorithm update in which business page content would be limited, while the news feed would prioritize ‘relevant’ content.

What does that mean?

Long story short: relevant content includes posts and updates by friends and family, as well as video content.

So, in order to maximize your business page’s visibility, we’d HIGHLY suggest investing time in creating video content. Whether Facebook is your top social media platform or not, video still provides over-the-top results across the board, regardless of social channel.

Quality vs. Quantity

Many business owners have the common ‘Quality vs. Quantity’ dilemma. The thought is…either you create a lot of good content, or make fewer pieces of high quality content.

So which one is it going to be? First, let us re-frame this concept for you. Without a doubt, you ABSOLUTELY need quality content, or else you’ll have little engagement and exposure on social media, which will be counter-intuitive to your efforts.

But what about Quantity? While it’d be ideal to become a content producing machine, the unfortunate truth is that most businesses don’t have the resources to make a mother-load of content. What’s the next best thing?


Even if you don’t feel like you’re producing a huge quantity of content, we still implore you to use what you do create, and establish a systematic way of posting content, (it could be weekly, bi-weekly, daily), all in a CONSISTENT manner.

Where do I find the talent?

If you consider yourself talent-less when it comes to video creation/editing, there’s plenty of 16 to 20 year-olds in the world, happy to take that task off your hands. Whether you’re willing to bring in an unpaid intern or a full-time marketing team member, the point is, there’s plenty of people who know the craft.

If you really need a sense of direction, you can even ask an expert marketing consultant or agency, like AdvisifyMedia, for a step-by-step plan for executing your own video content strategy.

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