Countdown to 2018: Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Do This Instead.

Trust us, you weren't going to get very far anyway.

5…4…3…2…1! A new year bound with new opportunities and challenges awaits us. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Oh, and don’t forget the incessantly new and aggressive advertising campaigns by gym and fitness centers, weight loss programs, among others in the self-improvement industry (which we’ve all grown accustomed to.)

The Hamster Wheel

It makes perfect sense that our tried and failed New Year’s Resolutions benefit and stimulate our economy. So, we’ve got to give ourselves credit for that one. Yet, I can’t help but ponder and ask…

“Why are we still trudging along the hamster wheel of our yearly unfulfilled resolutions?”

You might be thinking…“but I’m sure there’s lots of people who actually do fulfill their resolutions, why are you being such a pessimist?”

Life Happens

I’m aware of that, but let’s face it, most of Americans simply can’t accomplish their resolutions either because of unrealistic expectations, time management, financial burdens, having no specific plan, or simply because…life happens!

I know that personal development gurus are out there preaching the latest and greatest life hacks to “supercharge” your productivity and achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. (then they hit you with the ‘actual results may vary’ disclaimer.)

But fear not: I present to you the one piece of advice GUARANTEED to help you achieve your goals and resolutions….


Hear me out: Before you blow this off, step back and think of how incredibly lucky we are to be living and breathing. We have the ability to do what we want with our lives, regardless of what others in our environment think, as well as the ability to be grateful for the opportunities that present themselves every day in our lives.

There is no guarantee that we’ll live to wake up tomorrow morning. So, deploying that kind of gratitude and using it to take the baby steps necessary for achieving our goals today, instead of waiting for next month or next year, is much more likely to work.

Plain & Simple

To be frank, there’s no hidden secret that the top motivational speaker’s courses or products will tell you, that isn’t already common sense.

It’s a binary game. You either DO or you DON’T. There’s no in between.

Instead of waiting for New Year’s to roll around, take a moment to look around and be grateful for what you have, and direct that energy to taking the first step to changing your diet, or hopping on that treadmill, or introducing yourself to that girl…but most importantly…be consistent!

Even on the worst of days, when your energy level is at zero, or when the familiarity of your comfort zone is taunting you, doing at least the bare minimum will reap greater rewards in terms of getting closer to your goals, as well a providing a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

The economy won’t thank me for this, but forget New Year’s Resolutions and commit your mind and body to moving one step closer to where you want to be in the future, by deploying the all-powerful gratitude.

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