Forget Digital Marketing if Your Product Sucks

Yes, we’re having ‘the talk’.

An effective digital marketing campaign can get you more leads, sales, and brand awareness. While that’s amazing and all, sometimes entrepreneurs and their businesses don’t get the ideal results they were hoping for.

It’s not fun to talk about unsuccessful digital marketing campaigns, but we wanted to have ‘the talk’ with our readers and set the record straight.

At AdvisifyMedia, we’ve encountered many business owners who theorize the reasons they haven’t gotten their desired results with the social media/ digital marketing efforts. While the reasons most likely have to do with boring creative, inefficient use of ad spend, or just a poorly mapped strategy, people forget to do a self-audit and consider the fact that maybe (just maybe!)….their product/service might SUCK.

You see, as part of the human race, we tend to point fingers at things around us to blame for the evils in our lives. And as amazingly structured as our businesses are, they’re still driven by us….biased human beings.

So, whether your digital marketing campaigns are performing beautifully or painfully, we recommend making some time to take a step back and TRULY audit your product or service performance. You could read customer reviews/testimonials, look at your Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints, or just start following up with customers and asking for their sincere thoughts.

As unpleasant as it might be for some, your whole business will be better off after digging deep and investigating why your campaigns aren’t providing a great return on investment. Remember, the likeliness of it being a problem with your product or business is VERY LOW. Instead, it usually has to do with poor advertising campaign management. (But that’s for us to discuss in another blog post.)

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