2017’s Best Dressed Entrepreneurs & CEOs

Because hoodies and sneakers haven’t taken over just yet.

Think of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. What comes to mind? Laid back and open work environments, innovative leadership styles, and yes…the iconic t-shirt, jeans, and hoodies.

Even though many in the entrepreneurial space have adopted the iconic trend, there are still many CEO's and founders riding the wave of business fashion and function. Here’s a look at the top 6 men and women who are ahead of the pack when it comes to fashion and style.

Josh Altman (Real Estate)

Rocking the teal blue outfit and the complementing brown leather belt, Josh Altman became a household real estate name by starring in the “Million Dollar Listing” television series. His business accomplishments don’t fall behind either. Altman ran a real estate finance company for 3 years and specializes in the luxury real estate market. He is also known for selling an Ocean Drive condo for $10.5 million, recorded as the highest sale in the history of Santa Monica for a condo.

Lori Geiner (Investor, QVC)

Known for being the “Queen of QVC” and a star on the television show “Shark Tank”, Lori lives and breathes the world of business and entrepreneurship. Her go-to business look is generally a flattering solid colored dress or outfit paired with a dazzling neck accessory. There’s a reason as to why she chooses this look. Being a national TV star, the point of her outfit is to flatter, but not to take the attention away from her face, as she negotiates important deals.

Aaron Marino (Men’s Image Consulting)

Making a splash in the business world with his appearance in “Shark Tank”, Aaron Marino is commonly known as one of the top men’s image consultants. Boasting a slim fitting suit with an eye-catching pocket square and Balthus-style knotted tie, Marino is living proof of his style expertise.

Oprah Winfrey (Media Proprietor)

What isn’t Oprah known for? Her brand and extensive accomplishments can’t simply be condensed to “Media Proprietor” (but for the sake of time, we’ll go with that). Known as one of the wealthiest women in the world, Oprah’s sense of dress and style lives up to her reputation. Often seen modeling fitted but not too tight dresses, as well as garments that smoothly drape around her curves, she proves that you really can combine business and glamour.

Elon Musk (Inventor, Engineer)

Sporting his signature crisp white button down shirt under a classic black blazer and matching pants, Elon Musk always looks photo shoot ready. But under the stylish outfit is an innovative engineer and founder of Tesla Motors, one who for many years, styled himself with hoodies and baggy pants.

Ellen Degeneres (Producer, Digital Entrepreneur)

Setting a new trend of her own, Ellen Degeneres’ style is known for screaming simplicity and classiness. Frequently rocking pricey, custom tailored designer suits and sneakers, Ellen pulls off a hard to imitate look. (Unless you’re willing to invest in quality attire). Recognized as a universal symbol of comedy, Ellen not only runs her hit talk show, but also dabbles in entrepreneurship with her company, Ellen Digital Ventures, which extends her show’s reach to digital platforms with projects such as “EllenTube”.

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