How to Add a Downloadable PDF to a Wix Site

(It took a while for us to figure this out, so we decided to write up instructions for our fellow marketers on how to add in a downloadable PDF with a gated form on wix.)

It seems like Wix is coming up with a new way to do things around the site everyday. For our own site, Wix even changed a bunch of our old blog URLs! What a headache. For those of us running our own businesses, it can be hard to stay on top of it all.

Follow these few simple steps, and your website visitors will be downloading your PDFs in no time!

How to Add a Downloadable PDF to Wix Site with No Form Fill Out (just a Download Button)

  1. Enter the Wix editor and click on the + Plus sign on the top left.

  2. Hover down to ‘Button’ and click on it.

  3. Hover to ‘Text and Icon Buttons’ and click on it.

  4. Pick one of the button designs displayed on the right.

  5. Drag and drop the button you pick onto the page.

  6. Click on ‘Change Text and Icon’ right above the button.

  7. Edit the Button Label text as desired.

  8. Click on ‘Add a Link’

  9. There are 2 ways to add your document on the page.

  10. You could upload your document on a Google drive or AWS, which you could just link to by clicking on ‘Web Address’.

  11. Or you could upload the document directly to your website by clicking on ‘Document’ (Note: This feature is likely only available for Wix users with an Ascend Plan or higher.)

  12. Edit the color and design of the button as needed. And you’re done!!

How to Add a Downloadable Document to a Wix Site with a Form Fill Out

  1. Enter the Wix editor and click on the + Plus sign on the top left.

  2. Hover down to ‘Contact & Forms’ and click on it.

  3. Pick one of the forms displayed on the right, and drag and drop to the page.

  4. Edit the text fields as needed. You can delete some fields, change some to ask for other information, and edit the color + design of the form.

  5. When satisfied with how the form looks, click on an outer edge of the form until you see a ‘Form Settings’ button hovering above the form. Click on it.

  6. Click on ‘Submit Message’ from the menu.

  7. Click on ‘Link to external URL’ and add the Google Drive URL or AWS URL that your document is located at in the ‘Choose a Link’ section. If you don’t know how to upload your document to Google Drive, follow instructions in this article.

  8. You could also link to your document using the ‘Show link to file download’ option, but that feature is only available to Wix users with an Ascend plan and above.

  9. You’re done! Hit Save and get ready to get form submissions from your website visitors!

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