6 Reasons Your Business isn’t Growing Online

And no, it doesn’t have to do with having a ‘pretty’ website.

why your business isn't growing online

So you want to build a snowman…as in a big bad marketing machine kind of snowman. We don’t blame you for it. With all the fuss about the importance of building an online presence, it’s tempting to look at the online world as a way to supercharge your advertising efforts.

Don’t get too excited though, with great power comes great responsibility, and we’re here to give you a few words of wisdom with a few possible reasons for why your business’ online presence isn’t growing.

#1) You’re Targeting the Wrong People

Here’s the thing. Different people of different demographics roam in different areas of the vastly large internet. Who are your people? And where are they spending their time?

These analytical questions could lead you through a rabbit whole of other questions. But being honest with yourself will most likely lead you to one of these 2 conclusions:

  • Your ideal customer isn’t spending time on the online platform you’re active on.

  • You need to go back to the drawing board and research who your ideal target market is.

#2) You’re Trying to do Everything Yourself

Just accept it, humans in general are horrible at multitasking, and from operations to accounting tasks, a one man band is not always a good idea. As an entrepreneur, your time is extremely scarce & valuable.

That’s why, instead of spreading yourself thin on all aspects of managing your online presence, if content creation and digital branding are not your forte, it might be a good idea to delegate tasks to an assistant. (Be careful though, you’ll still want to have a certain level of control.)

#3) You Have a Weak Landing Page

This applies to both home pages and landing pages on any website. And like we mentioned earlier, when it comes to trying to convert a website visitor, it doesn’t have to do with designing a ‘pretty’ or aesthetically pleasing web page.

What actually counts are the specific elements found in healthy web pages with high rates of converting website visitors into leads or customers. Some of these elements include:

  • A USP (unique selling proposition)

  • A list of your product benefits

  • Social Proof

  • Photo/Video (speaking of photo and video, let’s look at the next point)

#4) Your Content is Crap

We’re not here to sugar coat things, another reason your online brand isn’t growing could be because the content (photo, video, blog posts, social media posts) you put out is lacking quality and/or relevance.

For instance, when putting out instagram posts, going the extra mile to search for good hashtags as well as designing high-quality creative can make a tremendous difference in your followers’ engagement with your posts. (But wait, that’s not all folks.)

Even if you find the “perfect hashtags” and put out beautiful posts, if your content on social media or your website isn’t useful or relevant to your target market, then you can kiss your beautiful content goodbye.

#5) You Aren’t Advertising Online

Think of it. If you put out high quality, relevant content as discussed before, and you know which platforms your audience is spending time in, then putting more of a budget behind your already awesome content could be the equivalent of hitting the NOS on a The Fast and the Furious race car.

Of course, knowing the ins and outs of advertising on each platform will go a long way in helping you effectively use your advertising budget. We recommend at least getting a quick online advertising 101 by a more experienced marketer. (*cough, cough*)

#6) You’re Just Aiming for Followers on Social Media

With Social Media Marketing being the shiny new toy all businesses want to master, it’s obvious that having a healthy following on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and LinkedIn can only be beneficial for growing your business presence online.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We always advise people and mention that it’s better to have 500 engaged followers (those who actually interact with your content and believe in your message), than 1,000 non-engaged followers.

Plus, it’s easy to buy followers on social media, and your those in your engaged audience are the people who you actually have a shot of converting into customers.

So there you have it, just a few possible reasons why your business isn’t growing as much as it should be, online. Liked this article? Make sure to hit us up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn and let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover.

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