Why Being a Collaborative Business will Make You Successful in 2020

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"So you just started your business, huh?

Lucky for you it’s almost 2020 and not 1950. Nowadays technology allows us to ramp productivity to an all-time high due to its connectivity. We can network, work, and increase clientele all remotely due to the power of innovation, however, what will set you apart from every other business or entrepreneur online?

If you want to springboard your business in 2020, the best way to do so is to leverage the power of collaborative business.

Now before you freak out, no collaborative business does not mean you take on partners, investors, or even sponsors. All you have to do is collaborate with other businesses that provide a service/product that will allow your business, and theirs, to prosper.

So let’s go through a few examples to get those juices flowing!

Collaborative business can be educational in nature. The more you work with someone the more you will learn their workflow and techniques, which are extremely valuable. As a new business owner, or old, you’re bound to do things differently than others and inherently less efficient, so picking up a tip here or a trick there could literally change the trajectory of your businesses success.

Being collaborative is a win-win for both parties. For example, if you own a tux rental shop, you may partner with a local florist to create a one-stop-shop for all things Prom related. Perhaps your business is online, you may partner an e-commerce business with a marketing agency to help increase ROI for the e-commerce business and help build a strong reputable case study for the marketing agency. At the end of the day, whatever deal you work out will be a win-win for all parties involved.

I know I know, we gave you a few examples, but you still have no clue how to even start… don’t worry we gotcha!

  1. Identify inefficient areas within your business in which you feel you waste time. Doing so will expose places in which another company may be able to help out.

  2. Network, network, network! Okay, we’ll let you in on a little secret… business owners love talking about business… that’s kinda their thing. So start talking about yours to everyone. Don’t be afraid to go message a bunch of people on social media; that’s actually how we found Tyler.

It’s that simple, just 2 steps, once you’ve built a bit of rapport with the right people, it’s time to take action. Ask questions, provide value, and start trying to be the collaborative business you were meant to be. "

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