Startup Team Building: Don't Become Superman, Build a Justice League Instead

startup team building
Startup Team Building

Building a team can sound unrealistic, especially when in the pre-revenue phase of a business. How are you supposed to hire people when you don’t have consistent revenue coming in?

Or better yet, why even build a team when you could save that money and invest it elsewhere?

The answer is simple: Time.

You (and maybe your co-founder) have limited time on your hands. Use all the scheduling and time management apps, and productivity hacks out there, but the best way to do more with less [time] is to let someone else take care of the tasks you’re not particularly skilled at.

Our “Real Life” Justice League

Just look at us, Karen and Tyler, co-founders of Advisify Media. We’ve got very different types of skillsets. Most people would stop there, and wouldn’t bother looking beyond our contrasts. However, we realized we have the same vision: scaling a marketing company to help small businesses leave the age of the dinosaurs (marketing-wise, at least.)

So while Tyler is more of a management, sales, and consulting kind of guy, I’m more of a writer, operator, and analytics person. We fit the pieces of the puzzle together, and voila! A mini-Justice League!

You see, we’re not focused on becoming Superman or Superwoman, but on achieving our goals together by doing some startup team building for our business.

Even if you don’t have a “co-founder”, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have different talents will have you reaping the rewards for years to come.

Just Copy + Paste the Biz Model

The Justice League type business model can be executed in a crap ton of ways for your startup team building goals. For instance, if you just want to test the waters with a particular person to be added to your team, you can opt for a temporary intern or freelancer.

“What If I Don’t Have Money to Spend?”

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can exchange VALUE for VALUE. Just offer them a service or product that they’d find valuable in exchange for their time and talents.

The point is, start getting used to the idea of relying on other people. You’re not Superman, (at least I would think so) so make the most out of your network of connections. And if you don’t have much of a network, go out and build one!

If you could add a person to your team, what talents would you want them to have? i.g: a photographer? video editor? coder? Answer in the comments below!

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