Breaking Down the ‘Bio’ — The Science of Instagram Bios

150 characters. That’s all you get. Your 150 character limited Instagram bio is prime real estate that businesses and individuals alike, try to make the most of, to make a good first impression on social media.
For those looking to grow their audience on Instagram, the few seconds a potential follower spends on their profile is CRUCIAL.
But how does one create the “perfect” instagram bio?
We’re not miracle workers here, but we have a few tips we think you should check out help you craft a not-too-shabby looking bio. ;) Let’s dive right into the most important part first, your bio itself!
The Bio Here’s the deal: short, to the point phrases are easier on the eye than a long couple sentences. For instance, AdvisifyMedia’s bio could read something like:
"We bring brands attention with SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Consulting help. We’re experienced digital marketing pros, so DM us, lets get in touch!"
It makes sense, but takes a while to read. That’s why we recommend chopping it up into short, bite-sized phrases that can leave a lasting impression. This is what our chopped up bio looks like. (It’s basically more readable for anyone quickly browsing your page.) Bonus points for throwing in an eye-catching emoji at the beginning of each line
"Bringing Brands Attention SEO, PPC, Social Media, & Consulting Help Experienced Digital Marketing Pros Let’s get in touch, DM us!"
The Link The link area in your bio is the only place you can direct your followers from Instagram to any other place in the world wide web. Whether it’s a YouTube channel, a website, other social media networks, or anything else, if you have something to promote, this is the place to do it, so make it count!
Tip: If you’re trying to send your followers to more than one link, consider using, because it gives users the ability to click the link in your bio, and browse through a menu of all the links you’re trying to promote. This way, the content they’re directed to is more catered to them.
The Name Your @username is already established (hopefully). But the “Name” section of your bio doesn’t necessarily have to match your username 100%. Since the “Name” section is searchable on Instagram’s search feature, you could throw in a keyword describing what you do…ESPECIALLY if you run a business page.
The only catch? The “Name” section is limited to 30 characters, so you have to make it count. In our agency’s business bio for instance, we’re testing the keyword “Digital Media Agency”. This is because people are much more likely to type “Digital Media Agency” into the search bar, rather than “AdvisifyMedia”.
The Story Highlights Instagram’s addition of stories (sorry, Snapchat!) has changed the way we scroll through our Insta feeds. Every user is different, but we’re seeing a pattern of people watching the latest Instagram stories first, and THEN taking a scroll through their news feeds.
That’s why, it’s obvious that posting stories is super important if you’re trying to engage your audience. But that’s not all folks.
The "story highlights" feature on your profile lets you permanently pin past stories on your profile, for anyone to view when on your profile. What stories you choose to post as highlights can depend on the nature of your page or business. But people have gotten very creative with highlights.
Just look at examples like Target, Entrepreneur, and even AdvisifyMedia’s pages. They all divide their highlights into categories. While Entrepreneur has labels like Podcasts, Books, and Webinars….Advisify’s page is divided by each of our product offerings: SMM, SEO, Consulting, and PPC Ads. The key here is to TEST things out.
We think we’ve talked about Instagram bios enough for today, (hopefully you got some value out of this). But remember, an amazing insta bio won’t make or break your success in building and retaining an audience on Instagram. That topic is for another blog post, so keep your eyes peeled! And while you’re at it…if you liked what you read, we’d appreciate it if you share this with a friend!

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