5 Easy Steps for Building a Website in Under 1 Hour (For Dummies)

No previous work experience required

building a website in under 1 hour

To anyone who says they can’t build a website, we’re here to karate chop that misconception into pieces. Even for those already equipped with a bit of website building experience, ya never know, you could be in a time crunch one day and need to build one ASAP.

(A quick disclaimer: For this guide we recommend Wix because of our experiences with it compared to other platforms, as well as the wide-spread praise it’s gotten in the digital marketing world.)

Buckle up….let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Sign Up for Wix & Choose a Template

No biggie. You simply go to Wix.com and type in your email & create a password for free. Once you’re in, you’re asked to pick what kind of website you’re building (aka, it’s purpose). You can choose from options like Business, Online Store, Restaurant, Blog, Portfolio…and so. much. more.

Assuming you don’t want to design the website from scratch, behold Wix’s fresh and beautiful website templates. (We could spend hours browsing them, but if you’re in a time crunch, you can preview the one that looks most ideal to you.)

Step 2: Edit the Template

Once you’ve chosen which template you’d like to use, you simply click “Edit” to start putting your personal touch on the template’s design. This is where Wix’s easy to use interface, and no coding skills required experience comes in handy.

Since each template has it’s own features, we can’t dive in to deep into the specifics, so we recommend viewing a quick YouTube tutorial like this one:

In essence, this video tutorial covers all the main Wix website editor features that you need to know about, all while editing a sample site for demonstration purposes. (In our opinion, that’s way better than what would take us several lengthy paragraphs to explain the website editor.)

Let’s be honest, designing your website can take ages…but the template functionality should cut out a lot of excess time it takes for your design work. After you’re satisfied with how your website looks, you can hit “Save” & “Publish” to see it live.

Step 3: Upgrade the Website

After it goes live, you’ve got to keep in mind that the editor publishes it under a wix domain name. This is what the web URL could look like: yourusername.wix.com.

Obviously, you most likely want your own domain name for your website, which is why “Upgrading” your website is necessary. Regardless of whether you use Wix or not, you’ll have to invest some money into either a domain name or hosting, but we recommend Wix for it’s beginner-friendly interface.

All you do is go back to the editor and hit “Upgrade” on the top ribbon and choose from the subscription options. You can choose from a monthly or yearly plan, with different packages.

Here’s a video breaking them down:

Step 4: Hook Up Your Domain Name

If you buy a yearly premium plan, Wix’ll throw in a free domain voucher. With the voucher, you can claim the internet address of your choice (as long as it’s not taken).

If you didn’t purchase a yearly premium plan, then you’ll have to purchase the domain name, either from Wix or by using other domain name services like GoDaddy.com. (FYI: If you’re looking for the easiest route and no additional steps, we recommend buying your domain through Wix.)

Step 5: Hook Up Google Analytics

What’s the point of investing time and money into a website if you don’t know much about who your website visitors are or how much traffic you’re getting? This is why hooking up your Google Analytics account is super important, especially once you start promoting the website and sending traffic to it.

To create a GA account, just go to analytics.google.com and you can use an existing gmail (or create a new one) to start using Analytics. It’ll ask you a few preliminary questions such as what URL you’re wanting to track. Once you input that info, GA will give you a ‘Tracking ID Code’ which you copy and paste onto your Wix account, under ‘My Domains’.

So there you have it! While building a website in under an hour is completely possible, it sometimes might not be the best idea, especially if you’re a perfectionist like we are. Know a friend that could benefit from this article? Go ahead and share this article with them. :)

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