7 Free Killer Apps for Boosting Your Personal Brand

(Yes…even if you’re just a regular employee)

boosting your personal brand

As much as it’s been hammered into our heads, it’s true. Building a personal brand is very much a requirement in today’s career landscape. Whether you choose to be a nine-to-fiver, or a start-up entrepreneur, your personal brand is what will help you stand out and capitalize on greater career & business opportunities.

“Developing your personal brand is the same thing as living and breathing your résumé”

 — Gary Vaynerchuk

While we can’t all hire a team of content creators to develop content and build our brand for us (actually very few of us can), there’s a select few yet incredibly valuable apps that can assist us in the process of brand development. Check out our top picks:

#1. Canva

Before most of you are tempted to say “yeah, no shit Karen”… let it be known that some readers might not know what this app does, and we’re all about covering all the bases. So for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Canva is both an app and a website that let’s you easily create beautiful and professional graphic designs.

Need an instagram post template? Done.

Need to make a nice looking flyer? Done.

Need to design a blog post banner? Done.

Need to create an info-graphic? Done.

You get the point. Essentially, this app lets any average Joe become a skilled graphic designer.

#2. Hootsuite

boosting your personal brand

This goes out to all those organization freaks. You know, the ones that need to properly label their file folders and divide their M&Ms by color.

A bit extreme? You’re probably right.

Nevertheless, Hootsuite can be your go-to social media management app and website. Your digital footprint and social media presence plays the biggest role in developing your personal brand. That’s why Hootsuite lets you schedule and post updates to your Twitter, Instagram (there’s a catch though), Facebook and Google+… all from one place.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a brilliant scientist while staring at your computer, just login to your Hootsuite account and gaze at the beauty of managing your dashboard with different tabs for each social media platform you have hooked up.

One thing to keep in mind: Hootsuite’s free version allows you to monitor up to 3 social media accounts. Anything higher requires a paid account.

#3. Google Analytics

Disclaimer: if you don’t have a website, skip to the next app...although you should consider setting one up to make yourself stand out.

For those of us that run our own websites, whether a business one or a personal one, Google Analytics is a website analytics tool that analyzes web traffic and paints a picture of who your audience is.

Yet, we’ve seen how clunky the Analytics desktop dashboard can get. That’s why we highly recommend getting the Google Analytics app. It basically cuts out the unnecessary fluff and gives you the stats you actually care about. (i.e. users over time, new users, session duration, and bounce rate.)

Here’s a screenshot of what AdvisifyMedia’s GA interface looks like:

#4. FilmoraGo

When building your personal brand, putting out all kinds of consistent content is key to growing your reach.

*Que the Jeopardy music*

Quick Trivia Question: What are the 3 main pillars of content consumption?

Answer: Video, Written, and Audio. (In case you didn’t know, now you do.)

As a matter of fact, many predict that video is going to make a big splash on social media platforms in terms of landing businesses even higher engagement rates. But, this isn’t news…just look at the way YouTube has grown.

So for those of us that are Adobe Premier Pro (video editing software) challenged, FilmoraGo is a nice beginner video editing app available on both iTunes and the Google Play Store.

It definitely won’t do for editing a feature film, but it’ll get the job done for most of us. Here’s a quick promo video by its developers:

#5. Sync.ME

boosting your personal brand

Ever heard of the saying “Your Network = Your Net Worth”? Whether you fully agree with this saying or not, the fact of the matter is that building relationships with people should be a priority when growing your brand.

You don’t just need followers, you need real, growing, organic relationships. Sometimes this means networking and writing down phone numbers to stay in contact with people.

Sync.ME is an advanced contacts app that lets you view your contacts’ complete contact information of including name, number, and data from social media profiles. It even sends you birthday reminders and lets you send your contacts personal greeting cards.

(On top of that, this app lets you identify unknown phone numbers and report spam calls.)

#6. Mention

Yeah mentions are nice on Twitter, but what if you could find out when anyone on the world wide web mentions you? Well, I know you saw this coming, but there’s an app for that.

boosting your personal brand

According to RazorSocial:

“Mention is a social media tool that monitors the web, including the major social media channels, to keep you informed every time somebody mentions your name, brand or target keywords, and its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use.

When Mention spots that somebody talks about you or your brand you can instantly see this through one of their apps (Web, Desktop, iPhone or Android). Alternatively you can get daily summary alerts which shows you the mentions for a particular day.”

Pretty neat right?

#7. Anchor

Slackers beware…this is only for those wanting to go above and beyond their comfort zone. Remember the trivia question from earlier? You know, the 3 pillars of content one?

boosting your personal brand

Well guess what, while FilmoraGo has you covered for video content, the Anchor app covers the another major pillar in the content world: Audio. Basically, it lets you record yourself talking into soundbites, essentially turning your audio into a podcast.

By taking the time and effort to build your brand this way, your audience has the potential to listen to your content while driving or at the gym!

Ok, so you might’ve heard of some of these apps before, but if we’re being completely honest, that doesn’t really matter to us. What’s the point in having knowledge if you don’t actually use it?

So whether you’re familiar with these apps or not, we urge you to actually TRY them out if you’re serious about boosting your personal brand.

Have you used any of the apps above? Drop a comment to let us know your experiences with them! Know a friend that could benefit from this article? Go ahead and share this article with them. :)

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